Why You Should Choose The Tacho Pro 2008

The Tacho Pro 2008 is a well-known professional odometer correction tool with never-locking version. Tacho pro 2008 mileage correction has solved the SYNC problem. It is worth to buy a Tacho pro 2008 for your vehicle. And why? Following are the reasons to choose Tacho pro 2008 mileage correction tacho universal 2008 Odometer.

The first reason is that this one has a new software version, and won’t has the SYNC problem any more. The software version is V2008.07.

The second reason is that it can support multi-language which includes German, English, Polish, Spanish, Italian and French,so more people from different countries can use the odometer correction tool.

The third reason is that it supports universal vehicles, it can work with many European, American and Asian vehicle types.The Tacho pro 2008 can support BENZ A/C/CL/CLK/E/G/M/SL/SLK class which are produced before year 2000 (The new E/C class adopts CAN cable technology, cluster-socket operation,you don’t need to adjust EIS/EZS.). Also most BMW 3/5/7/8/X/Z class vehicles can be supported, including operation on EWS, LCM can be adjusted via OBDII plug. Besides,all VW/AUDI vehicles, including A6L A8L Q7, a part of OPEL, SKODA, SEAT, some American vehicles and other Euro-American vehicle types: Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, Citroen, Alfa, Porsche are all supported.

Apart from what I have mentioned, the Tacho pro 2008 still has many great characteristics. The current odometer reading is decoded and shown in the LCD display; its back-lit display can help you work well in overcast conditions; the clear menu guidance ensures users’ easy self explanatory operation. Using the Tacho pro 2008, all datasets can be edited, saved and loaded; more the 200 files can be stored in the Tacho Universal and the stored data can be transferred to a PC for archiving.

Related Download Files:

Tacho Pro 2008 User Manual.pdf
Tacho Pro 2008.07 Use And Operate Manual.pdf
Tacho Universal/Tacho Pro 2008 Universal.pdf



Function Presentation:

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