How to program EEPROM with Tacho Pro 2008

An EEPROM, which is the abbreviation of “Electronically Erasable and Programmable ROM”, is a ROM chip, it can be reprogrammed and cleared for many times fast and accurately. EEPROM chips are widely used in many cars and trucks.For many vehicle-owners asked how to programming his BMW EEPROM with our Tacho Pro 2008 after they bought one, so I wanna show you the instructions in this article.

Tacho Pro 2008

Before you do your operation, please clean the EEPROM chip first to make sure there is no paint or dust on it.Then please put the oscillators on the board together with your Tacho Pro 2008,  put the clip on the EEPROM.

The next step is to connect the adapter-board to the Tacho Pro 2008 and power up the mileage correction tool. After that, put the other end of the clip to the 8 pin port on the adapter-board with the red cable on the pin 1 mark. Then you can select the vehicle model on the main menu, and click OK. The Tacho Pro 2008 will read the EEPROM and enter to the EEPROM menu.If the value that shown in the machine is alright, then you can save all data with the menu “SAVE”. What you should going to do now is to go to the KM adjustment menu, fill in the new value, and the Tacho 2008 will verify if the EEPROM is successfully programmed.

Finally, you can emove the clip from the EEPROM.

Tacho Pro 2008 Package

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Function Presentation:

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